The Sound Bowl

Another manifestation, that in this case, could also be described as I know someone else had the same idea as I did. I have been meaning for weeks to write a piece on how the curve of my ashtray improved the sound of my iPhone. I wrote “eye” phone first, but I worried it would cause confusion. I recognized that the way the sound bounced on the curved surface, improved it.

So back to the speaker I saw at the mall today. It was wrought in the shape of one of those wicker hanging chairs. But smooth and elegant in an understated way. It was essentially what I had pictured when I was thinking about how the sound bounced off of my ash tray. That if the surface stretched around the speaker, it would reflect back even nicer.

It is ceramic, so it would be perfect to leave outside. No muss No fuss just better acoustics. I promise myself not to buy myself gifts, right before Christmas. I did slip up a wee bit and bought myself a bracelet. It matches my ring in a stunning way. But not the speaker and a myriad of other things.

Not quite a coincidence, but I know, whoever designed the bowl had the same thought I had and was able to create a speaker of sorts.  Thanks by the way.


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