Music Form

I have started to listen to Google Play and when the most popular music is played back to back it is apparent a new music form has emerged.

It is not based on the instruments or the themes. The common thread is a vibration that is common to the music. The most, or rather some of the most, prominent voices in this music have a harsher type of vibration that tends to accentuate the overall sound.

Whistling, which was almost a lost art form is in a couple of songs. It is quite striking how the same “feel” can be generated using so many types of combinations of instruments and vocals. I like it. I know the music is being clumped into a category called, “Pop”, which has been around forever, but it is a new sound altogether.

Voice synthesizers, from days of yore, have been replaced with computers that can create a myriad of sounds from a voice. Music is evolving with the use of the computer. If you are still listening only to the radio (I know you are out there!) try Google Play. See what it is like when people choose the music instead of a radio station trying to please a large market.




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