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Squirrels are my Favourite Animal

Watching a squirrel frolic with her friend always makes it look like they’re having fun. There appears to be a sense is fun and adventure in how they behave. I’ve watched them cross roads, dangling from overhead hydro lines, jump from branch to branch and across gaps, scurrying out of garbage bins clutching a discarded bagel in a sandwich bag. They also like to play tag. Or at least I’ll call it tag because it looks like they are chasing each other.

To me they are the perfect example of how we should all live our lives. With a certain joie de vivre. Gathering and storing nuts looks like a game. Cool, how those that are forgotten are now planted as trees.

The squirrel with the bagel looked at me and decided she would risk it. The bag was slowing her down, but there was no way she was giving up a bagel with cream cheese. She dragged it until she was out of sight. I hope she doesn’t choke on the plastic.



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