My Website is Down

No, not this one, this ones working fine. My main one, my business one has been down for days literally. I lost it and he fixed my ass. What I mean is I finally got mad. I had been referred to instructional videos time and again that did not deal with my specific problem. The screens that came up were not the same as the ones I saw.

The robotic replies did not cover this issue at all. I finally got mad and this man “helped” me and it also took my website down. I made the mistake of buying my URL for a very long time and apparently, they no longer are trying to “Woo” me.

I am embarrassed that I lost my temper, but how many days can I send in emails and get the same robotic response; call the help line and get directed to the videos; and never have a person actually talk to me about the problem? Then one did.

He was passive aggressive. He said he would help with the problem, but forgot to mention that my site would be off-line. Interesting choice.  But, in addition to that, my all time favourite totem site is not up either. I feel completely cut off from the internet, which literally I am.

So what is the message? How am I blocking communication?


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