Both Numbers

I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to write about. The addiction to feedback. But it does make my life a whole lot nicer. I spend an inordinate amount of time checking my stats, likes, followers, clicks. It is really something that is coming into my awareness.

I have started to remind myself that when I pick up my phone I am seeking positive reinforcement. I will have to become more aware of it so it becomes less of an obsession. I’ve been considering getting an iWatch, but the truth is there is already a problem with me being addicted to my phone. The iWatch would make that worse, I fear.

It is pretty clear I only need one phone number now and I haven’t decided whether to go with the new one, on my cell, or the old one I’ve had for years. I picture my daughters, in trouble (knock on wood) needing to call, phone lost and they would always remember the phone number they had growing up. Is that reason enough to keep it? How long will it be before an extra number is just an add on to your existing phone? One cell phone, multiple numbers can ring on it.

I’ve embedded the cell phone number in my business, so that is a reason to keep it, for now anyway. I’ve just got to stop relying on it for positive reinforcement. I can see why people who spend too much time on social media get depressed.


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