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Book Sales

So I asked myself the question earlier, I’ve written about the book sales before and it has been consistent why am I not writing?

Truth is, I let my left brain take over and decide how to prioritize my time. I began putting a lot of extra work into my life coaching business. I started a YouTube channel, did webinars, offered courses, sent out extra tweets to drive traffic to my site and totally lost track of what the universe was telling me.

Pure and simple the main feedback I get is that when I write, not publish–that is important here–I sell books. This is a tangible, countable phenomenon brought on by writing.

My next thing is to go to a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat. It was universe mandated. Let me explain. A woman I only know casually mentioned one was available in Ontario. I thought that was interesting and noted it.

Then, inexplicably, one morning I decided I needed to know more about it. I got on their website and felt an overwhelming urge to apply. The urge stayed with me until I had found the right course, sent in my application and asked for the time off of work. We’ll see where that takes me.



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