Handy Man

I went into the hardware store to buy scaffolding. Working with it on stairs isn’t even on YouTube! Can you imagine? There is one good video of a woman assembling a large scaffold on a stairway, but her stairs were carpet. Mine are hardwood. I did not want to damage the stairs.

There were little feet, I saw on-line, that could be used to stabilize the scaffold, but they were no longer available. I was trying to create the perfect leg or foot for the scaffold.

A man was walking towards the only box of scaffolding that appeared to be in the store. Actually, I knew the store only had the one because I had checked on-line and had considered buying it before driving out.

Anywho, I said something cute like, don’t take my scaffolding. I say cute, because it was the way I said it. I wasn’t being confrontational as much as playful. I was serious though. It would’ve been very upsetting for me to arrive and have this guy take it, just as I was about to get it.

He let me know he didn’t want the scaffolding it was just beneath was he was purchasing. He mentioned that it was a good price and he was impressed with how little the scaffolding cost. I spoke up, “How would you put feet on scaffolding instead of the wheels?”

“Why do you want to take the wheels off?”

“I am using it on the stairs.” I responded

He said, “Just use a one by six”

I let him know how helpful he was, that I thought it would work and that I knew I had some wood that size left over from the deck. A common theme in this batch of blogs. The universe provided me with what I needed, once again. And it came in a nice package, by the way.



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