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My final decision on the wall was to buy a lighter scaffold of my very own. Let’s just say when I went to pick it up, I didn’t know I had to stop and get gas. I had scheduled the time just before a call I needed to be on. I’d already loaded the scaffold when I found out about the gas.

Suddenly, my buffer time was absorbed with the addition of a ten minute task, if traffic cooperated.

So, anywho, driving, constantly reminding myself to pay attention to the road. That is the only thing to do. My nervousness about being late for the call kept distracting me. I needed to focus. Ear phones would allow me to take the call if it came while I was in the car and buy back that ten minutes, just long enough to log into my computer at home.

My blackberry gets emails a significant time after they are sent. If it had received an email saying the meeting was cancelled, it was worth stopping to know now. Or not. I drove on, no email. As the time for our call came and went, it just so happened, he cancelled. He couldn’t make it either.

I am very grateful, especially considering what the agenda for the meetingĀ contained. I would certainly be demonstrating a lack of judgement I was trying to demonstrate on the call. The universe, once again, steps up and takes care of things for me. Thanks.



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