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Lawn Guy

This is not my lawn. It is the park my daughter got married in.

I have a lawn watering system on my property. I can hear the moans of the granola crunch crowd that believes we shouldn’t have things like that. If it makes anyone feel better, the water drains into the pond behind my house. Some hot dry summers have put a stress on the animals that live in the pond, or rely on the pond and my water contribution is a good thing for them.

People didn’t return my calls. Others only sold complete packages, I didn’t want. I was running out of options. Then, I came across a new guy who was just starting his business. We got to talking and he needed some help with a narcissist in his life.

I wonder if my inability to get this done easier wasn’t set up by the universe so that I could help this guy? I know, I know, this is where I am “overboard” and people begin to think I’m crazy. But, it happens.



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