Obviously, not the beetle from the story. To me this a lady bug. Not the kind from my youth, but a frequent sighting none-the-less.

Had to stop and knock one off of my foot. I knew I had to look it up.

“Beetle Animal Totem: Transformation
Beetles aid in transformation, metamorphosis, resurrection and rebirth – rebirth of the soul to a new spiritual ideal and renewed devotion. This animal teaches harmony in the coming changes by utilizing your intuitive abilities and teaches discernment where you need it the most. Beetles have a protective quality that will aid in the ability to socialize and communicate effectively by illuminating problems and situations in the correct perspective. Are you eating correctly? Now is the time to examine eating habits. Beetle will teach persistence with charm, trust in the process, proper movement and actions which allows the regeneration of your spirit to prosper.”

Linsdomain as always. I’m sorry to announce that Linsdomain is no longer up. The site is down. No notice. No explanation. Just a dead link now. It makes me very sad.

That is exactly what is happening. I need to kick start myself. I need to break out of my bad habits and begin to enjoy what I have. A great opportunity to be creative, to direct my energies into creating the life that I want.

Instead of polishing off a bottle of wine and feeling tired and a little droopy all day. Although, that can be fun as well.


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