Great Neighbours

From my balcony. I often watch the comings and goings of my neighbours. I find it very pleasant. There is always something going on. Mundane things like walking of dogs, retrieving mail, walking to the park, delivering newspapers and simply strolling.

My neighbours put a mummy in their tree for Halloween. I know this post seems out of date, but I got distracted for a few months, finishing my wall and did not post, even though I wrote.

The boys in the neighbourhood were daring each other to hit the mummy. It was obviously something that scared them. They would poke it and jump back and it would swing in the tree.

The innocence of being absorbed in a moment. A childhood moment. Daring each other to poke the decorations and laughing and amusing themselves. It is like having low-budget live theatre in a kinda improv sort of way.



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