Brisk Wind

It feels so nice sitting on my balcony, in the chill air. I am Canadian. As much as I love the summer, I crave the cold by the time it arrives.

As my estrogen levels continue to fall, I haven’t so much experienced, hot flashes as general real overheating all the time, occasionally resulting in me breaking out into a full sweat.

So the cool air brings satisfying relief, especially knowing there is a warm home surrounding me, I just have to go through the door.

Spanakopita, sunflower and mushroom salad and the final piece of pumpkin pie my son in law brought to me after reducing a whole pumpkin to its pulp, well you know the drill.

I’ve found my rhythm. I’m learning to honour that little tug that suggests nap, write, swim and I feel good. Appropriately, my stomach just growled, no worries, dinner is effortlessly in your future. Relax.


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