Pet Rat

I enjoy being in a neighbourhood with an assortment of families. I had to mention my neighbour was carrying a large white pet rat. That’s fantastic! How unexpected! At first I thought it was a cat, except for the tail.

Cats tend to have fur on their tails. This tail was long and pointed and pink to boot. Now, there is a woman about ten years my junior, trying to learn how to skate board. She is with her son. Fun stuff.

There is a perceived romance to living in the country, away from the noise of the city. Truth be told, I love having neighbours. I love seeing the children playing in the street, the young parents interacting with each other and their offspring, the dog walkers and the older individuals delivering the paper and walking for exercise.

My drum playing neighbour is getting better, with increasingly complicated riffs and longer segments. She practices a lot so I’m not surprised. BTW I don’t know if the drum player is male or female. I haven’t even determined where, exactly, the sound is coming from, other than my neighbourhood.


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