My Voice

After my catastrophic political failure I had to admit one thing. It is what it took for me to embrace authenticity. I’m still not sure where this is going, but I’m doing my best to write often

I have a freaky thing happening, and while I understand that from your perspective, the more I write the more people know about me, it is not that direct.  

It is not related to publishing. I publish this and some other stuff, but most of my writing is not yet published. 

I’m working towards writing a book about recovery from narcissism and boundaries. They overlap significantly. None of it is in the public domain yet. 

So what is happening? There is a direct positive correlation between me writing and how many books I sell. Those are the ones already available, not the one I’m writing. 

I hardly wrote in September and sold almost no books. Near the end of the month, I woke at four a.m. once and wrote for three hours before work. Three books were sold by noon. 

Similar examples appear in proportion to how much I write, or not. Now it is obvious, I’m not selling millions of books. Hundreds are sold yearly. I’ve only ever advertised on my site and of course, I’m listed on Amazon. 

So, I decided to write, right after I got off of the treadmill, I’m on day 103 of an exercise streak. And yes, another book sold. 

Admitting something like this publicly would not have been possible when I thought it might interfere with my political career. 


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