Latest Relationship

I’m very sorry to admit that I am going back for a third time. I’ve decided to have a long term relationship with the ultrasound wand that is used intravaginally. Not my idea of a good time, but it is the lesser of two evils

You see, when the gastrointestinal upset, which never was diagnosed, was under diagnosis, there was an incidental finding. 

Apparently my uterus was 2mm thicker than it should be. It is 7 and is supposed to be 5. I know, I know TMI. 

So my choices were a biopsy or another ultrasound in six months. With the caveat, of course, that I’ll call if I have any symptoms. You see I have none. 

As a woman who is considered too large and always have been, even when thin because I am tall as well, a finding of being “larger than ‘normal'” is just not all that compelling.  Is the fact that my uterus is too large really a sign of pathology or just proportionality?

Anyway, we agreed I’d forgo the trauma of a biopsy, for the less intrusive, although still upsetting ultrasound. 

I was so unsettled when I had this done last time, I got lost coming home. There was a lot of construction, but I did live in the city the ultrasound was performed in, for over seven years. I had to look at a map on my phone. 

It triggers something. Perhaps it releases oxytocin in a confusing way, I can’t make sense of and that is why it is so disorienting. I’ll need to plan to take the day off. 


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