Missed Luncheon

I was supposed to go to a luncheon today with some women I got to know while I was campaigning. My doctor’s appointment was so late I missed it. I was at the doctors for over two hours waiting for a five minute appointment. I guess the universe knocked once again.

I sat in the waiting room and edited blogs and scheduled them to be released. It is perhaps why I was willing to post the one that was stuck. I needed to be doing something to calm myself down.

Truth was, I had no way of knowing what the news was on the other side of the door. The appointment had been made on the same day that the ultrasound was scheduled. I knew I was going to see him regardless of the results.

So I sat, posted and edited a bunch of bits of pieces that had been collecting for about a month and set to publishing them. Now, of course, the flood gates are open and I’m wondering why I waited so long to start writing again. Funny thing that. I was doing this because I enjoyed it and I didn’t even realize I had stopped.


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