First Night Alone

The ebb and flow of my life is influenced by whether or not my roommate is here. I have called out to the universe for help on this last one

Each time I have been at an intolerable level, the universe has stepped in. I did not want to have to say it to her face. I have already proven I can do that, repeatedly. 

I told my friend I was tiring of my room mate. I think saying it out loud is important. It worked the universe stepped in again and She was away for a couple of weeks. 

I just realized that I had begun to write about dating myself. It suddenly struck a cord that I was denying myself some of the luxuries I would enjoy if I had a romantic partner. 

I bought myself flowers at the market, because I knew I would enjoy their fleeting beauty. I added some weeds that had never been removed from my backyard, to the bouquet because they suited it.  I may have mastered the twice-a-year garden. 

Cut everything way back in spring or early fall and it is good for most of the season. But I digress. Part of the sweetness of a partner is seduction. That melting of boundaries. The widening openness. 

A night alone can be designed the same way with a foregone conclusion to the night. How could you make anticipation better for yourself? It is worth thought and planning. 


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