Shine 2 Shines 

I’ve gone on and on about how much I love having an activity tracker, especially one that counts swimming, my personal favourite exercise, just for its own sake

Walking of course brings in destinations and conversations and they have value all on their own. Swimming is luxurious in itself, with no need for any more, in that moment. 

But I digress. My shine’s been a bit wonky, so the statistical probability comes up to possible, not the improbable standard of a true miracle. I had a lasagna in the oven and I knew I needed to take it out in the next half hour. 

So, I set an alarm on my shine. It vibrates to wake you up and I can’t think of a nicer transition between sleep and wake, or vice versa. 

So I went full out swimming. If you are under a threshold of activity, a minimum combination of time and effort, the tracker won’t count your exercise as a workout and if it doesn’t, there is no way to convert the effort to swimming. Much higher points are given for swimming. I needed the points to reach my daily goal and check exercise off of my list. 

I am really enjoying butterfly, the stroke, not the insect. The first time I had tried it in about thirty years, I blew my knee out and had trouble walking for quite a while. 

I know what happened. I got into the pool early on a Saturday morning, before any of the classes. I had the pool to myself and I swam way past the endorphin hit and stayed there for about 2 1/2 hours. 

It was lovely and in that jumble of swimmers high, a pumped up cardiovascular system and eager muscles, I tried butterfly for the first time. It is such a powerful stoke. 

It is a flexing of the abdominal muscles to rotate the hips back and forth, followed by a kick and a two arm stroke over the head. You can imagine I never do that particular movement with my bad knee and I think I tore some scar tissue. 

I remember swimming that way tonight until my rectus abdominals muscles were screaming. A neighbour who is learning how to drum is practicing in the distance. I think he’s up to entire songs. Great improvement over the time he’s been working on it. 

So, I was aware that I had been in the pool too long. I checked my shine and it said 5:10 p.m. Not possible. I knew to get out. I just happened to get enough points to just put me over my target for today. Hey, it’s the little things that make life better. 

Now I can relax with a bottle of wine, lasagna for dinner and blue cheese for dessert. Small coincidence, but nice to “know” when you are done. 


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