This Girl

My current theme song is playing right now, as I headed out to the balcony to chill. With my daughter home for a month and my room mate back, it is so nice to have the place to myself and my song is playing to boot

I’m grateful. Even a specific request was honoured. I love horns and I mention often how much I enjoy them. Horns and a good sax. Nothing beats music with these instruments. 

The song played three times back to back as I left my daughters place, in another city, for the hour long drive home. I kept changing the radio station using my search button because I was out of range of my normal stations. 

I’ve been listening to my Google Play and I love it, but MY GOD it is data heavy. So it was playing, just now, because I’m on unlimited wifi here. I made the mistake of using data to listen to it, but I don’t do that anymore. 

I don’t understand all of the units used to describe data, so I had to turn to Wikipedia to understand it. Simply put, the data I’ve used uploading photos and videos of my family for over two years was used in three weeks using google play in my car. That is not every time I drive either. 

I have a great library on my iPhone and Siri is hands free. He’s the Australian and often says things like “will you teach me how to say that?” as if I would know how to do it. 

If there are more instructions they were not forthcoming. I can’t imagine there was something written on the screen. The whole purpose of Siri is to get things done without looking at your phone. But I digress. 

Just chilling on my balcony listening to ‘This Girl‘, with its upbeat horn rhythm. Just puts me in the right mood. 


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