Phone Gratitude

Recently, I told, at least two of my daughters, I would only upgrade my phone for two features. They are aware of the iPhone 4 debacle. I bought right before the upgrade.

I said I would upgrade for better speakers that were part of the phone, not external and if it was made waterproof. The 7 has both. 

The upgrade of the 4 to the 4 plus improved the camera. I seriously considered buying it before my trip to Spain. I had already started running a webpage back then and knew the value of a good photo. 

Unfortunately, the 4 was not quite good enough for most websites, but I used a lot of the photos anyway. They variously appear or not depending on the screen resolution and other factors I am unaware of. 

But I digress. I was having a true heartfelt moment with my iPhone 6 Plus. It makes my life better, hands down. I am grateful and want to send some light and love to Steve Jobs who is no doubt off on his latest innovation by now, in what ever reality he exists in. 

Who knows how our energy recreates itself in whatever it is that comes next. I wonder if his skill set translates into other realities? But I digress. I love my phone, no need to upgrade just yet. Perhaps when they design a phone that can play music from the bottom of my pool.   Thanx. 


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