Gotta Get Your Phone

Just returned from a quest to retrieve my holy grail. I realized I had sat down without my phone and I’d specifically sat down to write.

So, I was off to recover my phone. Valleys and hills, or my stairways, something like that. Holding onto the idea to return and write by singing the “going to get my phone” trio of verses so I wouldn’t forget on the way down. 

I had yet another realization.  If you’re overeating, you may be simply deprived and in another way. In order to bring it all into balance you may need to take care of things yourself. 

What you have on hand, left over from when you still hoped some of your needs would be covered by a partner is not going to be sufficient. Truth is, I’ve sworn off partners for the foreseeable future, so I simply have to take matters into my own hands.  

I wrote that entire paragraph with plural pronouns, but I changed it because it was not clear who I was talking about. 

I tried the Stag Shop. I was completely comfortable with everyone there. The staff was composed of knowledgable young women dressed much as they would be dressed while ruining errands. 

It opened a realization. I knew this logically, but until I corrected the problem, knowing didn’t help. So, I’m back with my phone. I wonder what I’ll write about?


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