Boundaries 2

I just felt a large sigh of relief, as though my thoughts didn’t come into existence until that moment. I may have to ask my room mate to move out. 

I was thankful for her presence during the transition from being a mom to being an empty-nester, and I am grateful that we travelled this piece of road together, but, at this point she’s harshing my chill. 

Since I’ve been writing about things that are harshing my chill, I keep encountering them in my personal space. There is a dog barking. I can decide to view that as an annoyance, a reminder of neighbours or to just truly not care. How I view it is a choice. However, the amount of energy required to deny my own feelings needs to be considered in this. 

Not like my boundary issues. They are up close and personal, haunting me through most of my blogs so far. It started as a reluctance to write about certain topics and it kept getting more personal. 

Boundaries is the creation of a space, surrounding who you are, like a series of force fields. You want to create a life that diverts power away from maintaining those force fields and into enjoying your life. 

In this space, you get to be authentic and respected. It is not worth the energy sharing your space with those who would do you harm, or even harsh your buzz. 

Getting in touch with the core of who you are, so you can make those judgement calls about your life is an important first step. Deciding by what you know, not what you’ve been taught, is the key here. I’m speaking about your inner knowing. 

Again, consider your options and observe how your body reacts when you consider each one. 
Wow! I lost a complete train of thought. Yeah, I remember, my room mate is violating my boundaries by entering my space and being depressing and needy. 


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