I’m reminded of how the lens we see the world through, alters our perception of others’ values. I hope for an understanding world, where we are looking beyond the superficial differences. Unfortunately, if you haven’t noticed, try wearing a scarf, smoking a cigarette or taking a baby into a restaurant, plane, theatre… We’re becoming increasingly intolerant. We’ve decided as a society these behaviours are discouraged. But I digress.IMG_7070

There is a humanitarian cause bringing in animals, their country of origin considers these animals food. The animals were all in one place for a particular festival, like us with turkeys. The way this story has been spinning, and promoting donations is that the people involved are “saving” the animals.

There are countries that honour their cows. Should they come here and free ours?

These animals were going to be the basis of a meal, not just that, a celebration. How many small children will go without protein, or did we forget that part of the equation in the land of plenty? Our lens fails to recognize that even though we are overfed, there are children who are not. These “rescued” animals” were their dinner.

How about protecting our own animals? There is no health requirement to bringing these animals in. [redacted] Let’s just say that we need to look beyond our perception and realize that others may see things differently. If we cannot do that, we should make sure we protect ourselves and our pets at the very least.


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