Patio Doors

A minor sub-plot in my writing as of late has been patio doors. I was buying them to replace older doors. Terrible Oliver was at my home to give me an estimate, the day I went to see Prince, I mentioned him in my first post.

I stood to the side of one of my new patio doors looking out and realized I had recreated something I saw when I was young.

House shopping was something I did with my parents. I would’ve been 8 at the time. We viewed several homes and the process thrilled me to no end.

I distinctly remember telling my friends about how beautiful they were. I remember standing beside a patio door. It was the first one that I had ever seen. You could look out into the backyard and see the sun on the grass.

I wanted that beauty in my life. I’ve tried to have it in as many places as I could. Now, it’s here in this home and it is gorgeous. On to window treatments.


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