So I noticed this weekend there did not seem to be any of the “poof…dead” public service announcements. It matters not the reason.

IMG_7008I have not received a letter back. I have no information about how long the original contract was supposed to last. These are the quantitative ways you can judge whether or not my letter had an impact.

I explained to the radio station that I used the radio to create a mood. It becomes part of my community. You go to get a good vibe and this PSA is harshing my mellow. What type of mood are you trying to create, I asked?

All I know for sure is that it is gone for now. If it repeats over the next few months, I’ll have to eat crow. But raven; and yes I use crow and raven interchangeably, there are way too many memories intermingled to figure out if it was a crow or raven involved and I sometimes even call them the big black birds.

But I digress, raven is my totem animal, which seems suiting in this context. It does not show up with a message or a reminder, they are around all of the time and they have taught me many things, like true love exists. But that’s another story.

I put out a request for peace and it was answered right away. Some of the fear mongering has been eliminated from my life. Thank-you.


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