Love Exists

I finished off my last blog, explaining that large black birds have taught me many things. During my marriage a pair often sat on the eaves outside the master bedroom. I would see them in other places around the neighbour, as well.IMG_6827

It was always welcome to walk into the bedroom and see them through the window, together. I still miss seeing them together.

One of the pair, and yes I can’t tell male from female either, was crushed on the road very close to my house. Over the next several days, as car after car spread the remains further away from the original spot, leaving barely a trace of the tragedy that had occurred, the lover sat and waited for his mate to get off the road. He waited for several days, never leaving her side, until she was gone.

He never sat outside my window without her. There is no doubt in my mind that he misses his mate and loved her deeply. True love is not just in movies. It is all around us.

Two black birds just flew overhead close enough that I could hear the wind in their wings. They were cawing the usual pattern of three then a break, repeat.


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