Camino Promise

Since I have been back from Spain I have been trying to accomplish all of the things I promised myself I would do when I got home. I knew it was time to come home when I got homesick. These are notes I made for myself while sitting on a bluff, beside the trail, on a beautiful secluded place on the Camino.

The little bit of green is all that is left of the first candle.

The little bit of green is all that is left of the first candle.

“I am thinking about cleaning the pool, replanting the vine, cutting the grass, putting black out curtains in my room, sorting the bags of clothing, adding carpet to the basement so that I can do sit ups and floor work, starting a face to face narcissist healing group, walking in the morning, BBQing a chicken, automatic blinds for my room, Chinese dividers for privacy for the meet up group, my hair, my nails, seeing the girls, seeing [….] recording my weight, fasting on Wednesday’s, my bed, movies, how to deal with 20 k tomorrow, the fact that I’m almost done, the hunger pains in my stomach, the general pain in my feet and legs, how huge I am, the people I need to contact and see when I get back, writing two more books and many more things. As you can tell my mind has been racing.”

On the next day I wrote, “I have been fantasizing about a bedtime routine. Blackout curtains, aromatic candles and my sleep music. I need to replace eating to get to sleep.”

I’ve done most of these things. I still need black out curtains. They are on my “to-do” list.


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