Accosted a Sales Guy at a Gas Station

OK, I may have been a little over the top, but I’d just interviewed the first response to my add for a ‘tecky’ person to assist me with webinars. Let’s just say the person was uninspiring.

Train station in Galicia, Spain. Totally unrelated to the blog, but I didn't have an appropriate photo.

Train station in Galicia, Spain. Totally unrelated to the blog, but I didn’t have an appropriate photo.

I have information I want to share with people. They say, if life gives you lemons… It gave me a knowledge of narcissism. Time for a change of careers, at the very least planning for retirement and an understanding that I want to spend time with people.

So, hot, sunny, July, day, roof down. Max a little dusty, but still obvious he’d once had a fine shine, just due for a wash. The last one may have been the fund raiser. It had a certain, “this is not a professional job” look I enjoyed.

Gas is cheap, under a dollar, I haven’t seen that lately. This dapper dude, working for the marketing agency of the gas station chain, is trying to sell credit cards. Only an amateur has more than one credit card.

But I digress. He came over just after I got the gas flowing, chooses ‘Miss’, can’t fault him for that, age or availability.  I hassle him. I love talking to people.

Nice, good posture, that’s important. Held my eye, understood the conversation. I finished my transaction and he went to the next vehicle.

I put this and that away. My phone and credit cards were in my top. There’s a hiding place in there. I like to put my tracker there as well. It is way too ugly to wear as a watch. You’d have to be kidding.

Maybe you could make the irony work. We took watches to a new level. We added the ability to track movement, store memory and notify us of important messages, to what was essentially a mechanical system for measuring time. This has been encased in a rose titanium shell that is waterproof to 50 metres and almost indestructible, but the plastic band does not make sure it doesn’t fall out…..

So, anywho, as I’m about to drive away it occurred to me that this guy was “hungry”. He had been forced to take a difficult position, that probably didn’t pay well. More than that, he was doing a good job.

I yelled at him. I’m fairly certain that could be considered accosting him. I said, “How tecky are you?” Not wanting to assume all young know computers.

He said pretty tecky actually. It is one of the things I’d like to do, or something like that.

I handed him my card, said I needed some work done and asked him to call me. Truth is, it was so fun to go off script like that that I still come out a winner, even if he doesn’t call.


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