Fear Mongering

My current drum is fear mongering. One if the items in queue, it should’ve likely never been shared, but I didn’t do it publicly on social media, I wrote them a letter. Writing a letter is an old standby when things are important enough to share. Like you still get a hard copy from your lawyer, or at least a copy eventually. IMG_6618

I am tired of the use of fear in our society. We are all scared to death of dying. I’ve written about this before, but the truth is, all that our scientists are doing is saying, these people died. They died from A, B and C. A, B and C are caused from this so we had better avoid this at all costs.

It sounds compelling until you realize that until we eradicate death, the “cause” of it has not been eliminated despite how we act. For instance, if you have ever had a baby, you will be familiar with this type of revelation. It goes something like this.

She was overdue and labour wouldn’t start. Then, she ate a burrito and her labour started. If you want your labour to start you should eat a burrito too. Feel free to replace the word “burrito” with your current version of the story. My favourites are “sex”, “spicy foods”, “a bumpy car ride” and of course, going for a walk which might be the most boring and difficult of the suggestions at that stage of pregnancy.

Truth is, most labours start because it is the end of a pregnancy. Yes, nine months of pregnancy usually brings on labour. And while labour is not as certain as death, we use the same kind of reasoning. He died of a heart attack. She had a stroke. These things used to be called “natural causes”, now they are conditions that should be managed, at all costs, because we believe if we eliminate these diseases we will eliminate death. It hasn’t happened yet.

So why all of the fear? The letter I wrote was to the local radio station. Yes, I am one of the hold outs that listens to the radio. Unfortunately, they are now running public safety announcements that go like this. It is a lovely day…poof you end up in the hospital. I usually have the radio shut off by now because I am tired of being manipulated by fear messages. So I don’t know what the message attached to this bit of fear is.

I doubt my letter will have an impact, but I believe we have to step up and let the powers that be know how tired we are of the fear messages. I can be sitting warm, comfortable, healthy and well fed and the messages our media brings are all about death and terror. Yes, there is bad stuff happening in the world. Why do I need to feel that it is all personally happening to me, all of the time?


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