Firm Foundation

Below, there is a photo of Sam, my beloved bird of paradise. It is easy to see how sad he looks leaning past the wall, with that tear in his leaf and the dark green colour just not present. I just now understood the story he represented in my life.IMG_7101

The very day, within a couple of hours of my arrival home from Spain, he fell breaking and tearing many of his fronds or leaves, I guess.

I patched him back up, which is what I was doing for myself, after my political loss. Stick to the basics. Rest, nutrition and exercise and we’ll get through this.

Pushing myself, enough to make myself sick, coincided with him falling once again. This time after being watered, unlike the last time when he was overly dry.

So I needed to start with making sure he never fell again. With respect to taking care of myself, I needed a foundation as well and I am having success. I feel energized. The planter has been secured to the walk with a screw nail. It is time for Sam to heal and grow beautiful again.


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