Like Clockwork

As soon as I surrender and adjust to the topics I write about, a boundary I’ve built to protect myself falls. A relative with absolute opposite spiritual and political views came to see me. IMG_6888

Spiritually, we are both kind people and we believe in eternity. We also both believe there is something larger than us.

Where we differ is the “rules”. She believes that in order to practice her faith she must condemn those who behave in ways inconsistent with this set of rules. I do not believe we have the right or the responsibility to judge how others live, much less an obligation to force them to live as we do.

Needless to say, this has caused great anxiety in her life as individuals in her inner circle discover they want to behave in ways that are outside of this set of rules. So, it is always distressing when our conversation gets to these topics. She votes based on who her religion tells her is most in line with her beliefs. This is her choice. I worry it is dangerous.




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