Book Yourself Solid

Had an immediate visceral reaction to the blogs I’ve started already. I want less structure, freer flowing ideas rather than titles with pre-conceived ideas waiting.

Learning to sit and let yourself write whatever I’d like was quite difficult for me but it seems to be paying back in spades. I’m re-engaged in my life, the last piece of recovery from last spring. I’m back. It feels good and when you are in the flow like that things come to you.

I got, “Book Yourself Solid“, which just happened to be on the shelves of a library I had to drive near to pick up a gift I had ordered on line. The only copy in the city, just sitting in the most convenient place at the most convenient time for me to pick it up. Nice. Thank-you for that.

So I’ve spent the weekend being inspired by and dreaming about what my brand would be. He specifies that you have to master one area first and then you can expand. That one area for me would be narcissism. But my larger me, the part that is more reflective of who I am, not the circumstances of my life, would be about living joyfully.

“When you’re tired of the drama, come back to joyful living”. These are all first drafts.

Anywho, I’ve managed to go from an abusive relationship to absolutely relishing my life. That is what I can teach people. Interesting. I love thinking about this stuff.

Now, I know my dinner is waiting. I realize I’ve used that as an excuse to end a piece already today, but I had to wait for it to cool, so I wrote this.


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