Sorry, I did it again. Spectacular has been my word for a while now. Starting this blog, connecting with me, not politically correct me, and writing about what ever is in the queue.IMG_6981

I believe my confession of inadequacy was just another realization that I must respect the queue.

We don’t get to decide which issues present themselves or which topics occur. So you need to deal with what’s in front of you or it will block your way forward.

Connecting with me has cracked something open. I’m interested in promoting my business with a much better understanding of who I am.

As I explore this my energy keeps expanding and I get more feedback and books sales. I am moving more into marketing myself. I’m thinking something along the lines of, “when your tired of the drama”, or something like that.

Well, my stomach is growling, I’m gonna go check on my beef dinner that’s in the oven.


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