Jane Fonda

Like a tidal wave hitting my world, Jane is back. I added the link to her website, but it comes up with a strange page asking me to prove Jane FondaI’m not a robot. Unlikely. I don’t understand or appreciate why people have these blocks on their pages and their twitter accounts to screen out views and followers.

I guess it doesn’t matter. I usually link to the celebrity sites when I talk about someone. They are well organized sites and the information is just there if you click.

Anywho, Jane is starring on “Grace and Frankie” and she has always been out there. From heralding an era of aerobics, marrying a millionaire and being a truly classy lady. A woman’s woman who is enjoying her life and engaging fully. Her message on Colbert was, that she is more relaxed in her seventies than when she was young. Love that.


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