Yeah, so I’m glad I stopped for my fix. I could always leave one burning while I typed but I’m too frugal for that.IMG_7007

I did stop and realize I had lost my voice again for a while.  I thought I had run out of ideas and inspiration, but as always, I had to face it head on before my writing started to flow.

I wrote about my doubts and sadness, even though I was reluctant to “share”. I guess I have more control than I realized.

Allowing, allowed, and I’m back.

I apologize in advance, which is quite Canadian, I’m told. Saying, “I’m sorry,” is the only statement I can make, and be understood in, in three languages.

But somehow I feel responsible and yet unable to deviate from the pure meaning of the word and how I love a capital “S” in this font. It is a Spectacular day. There, I said it again. It is a Spectacular day.

Nothing to do but indulge.  Heavenly. Got my visual image of Bill to give me some company, a bottle of wine, blue cheese and my Shrimp and Red Pepper recipe on a broad flat noodle. A nap, a swim, and an evening to do whatever. Perhaps indulge in a little Colbert.


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