Bill Maher 2

I took the time to check out Bill Maher’s presence on-line. His URL doesn’t load on my computer. Love you Bill but not enough for that hassel.

There were some YouTube videos and he is still as cute as ever, but it is not the same as him sitting across the room, almost life sized. Not even close.

His interview with Colbert was fantastic. Now to my nosh.

Realized, mid Late Show that my DVD player plays YouTube, so I decided to try a little Bill on my t.v. Fantastic. Funny, Fearless, Foulmouthed,….I think I’m on a theme, I wonder what it is?

Anywho, my wish was instantly fulfilled. I wanted Bill Maher full sized on my television in the family room and I remembered how to accomplish just that.

Now, I better stop or he may worry I’m a crazy stalker and I wouldn’t want that.


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