Bill Maher

I’ve PVR’d every episode of the late show since Stephen Colbert began hosting. For reasons I won’t get into, I got over 100 behind.

My PVR got bitchy and started threatening it wouldn’t record everything I wanted it to, so I was faced with a choice. Watch them or delete them.

In short, I’ve been binge watching the shows. They are incredibly commercial heavy and I feel no obligation to watch any segment I’m not enjoying, so I’ve managed to get through almost half, while keeping up on the current ones.

Today, I watched an old episode with Bill Maher. I developed a crush on him, before I gave up the additional cable channels, about the time Netflix started meeting most of my needs and haven’t seen him for a while.

I know he can be found on-line, but I’m old school that way. I want to watch t.v. on the big screen in my family room.

When movies were first available on-line I watched a few with my daughters, on my bed, on the computer and too much was lost. I decided it wasn’t my thing.

Today, Bill was on my t.v., on the Late Show and it occurred to me, a while back he answered in a tweet that the only criterion for a woman was proximity.

I’ve had a private fantasy of testing this statement, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Don’t forget, the other part is that I would love to talk politics with the man. We have a love of that in common.


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