Wow, third post, all to make the same point. Is that avoidance or thoroughness? Is this intro just a delay tactic? 🙂

I guess I’m not under any obligation to admit that I just returned to my computer. I left after that first paragraph. It is as though admitting what I’m about to say will somehow diminish me. Committing it to a blog makes me vulnerable.

So, I recognized a flea. (There is a link there. I know they are hard to see, because at this point NONE of them have been clicked in any of my blogs.)IMG_6739

One of the fun things, I mean that sardonically, about being with a narcissist is they think so highly of themselves. They are the best.

Appearances are very important and I have yet to coach any male or female who has been captured by a narcissist who is not better than average looking.

Narcissists lie. They will make up stories about how great they are and what they’ve done. In turn, people treat them as though they are special, at least initially. This special treatment becomes self-fulfilling. People see it and treat them like they are special, at least initially.

Also, the narcissists often believe they are “smarter”, “better”, “more focused”, “more entitled” etc….

My mother put me in competitive swimming when I was five. I was the best and swam against children as old as eight. But let’s face it. I was five. There were no other five year olds in the pool, so it was easy to be the best.

In hind sight I have no way of knowing if I was a great swimmer or if I was lied to. Not a fun thing when you have based so much of who you are on the fact that you were an olympic level swimmer. I never did find out because I broke my back and had to drop out right before the national finals.


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