It is quite alarming to watch our world begin to rip apart. The politics of fear, hate and division are causing deaths all over the world.

Society appears to be heading in the wrong direction. IMG_6210We are one. It does not matter if you exhale here or on the other side of the world, it will be inhaled an infinite amount of times by millions of others world wide. We are inseparable from our surroundings. We all breath the same air and drink the same water, again and again.

I heard a story about the transformation many experienced the first time they saw their homes from the air.

Suddenly, it was clear to them, that we all live together and the fences are just part of an illusion. They are a creation of humans to try to divide up the resources so that we could then fight over their distribution.

Even Stephen Colbert, who started by saying this is a comedy show and I want to make you laugh, admitted he was scared.

It is alarming that so much money is generated by arms sales that it can en masse that much power. Their advertising campaign has convinced an entire country guns are a necessity.

I hope everyone wakes up real soon and understands how these ideas lead to hate, divisiveness and tragedy.


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