Quick Angry Post


Just got back from the market and two, not one, but two people took the time to tell me that they are unhappy with the person that got elected in our riding. I ran and lost. These individuals had the audacity to say they hoped I’d run again because a great mistake was made.

The Colbert emoticon.

The Colbert emoticon seems appropriate. 

No kidding!

Obviously, I’m biased — really biased — but anyone paying attention could tell this guy was not a good candidate. He was not active in the community and he didn’t even know the issues. A woman from my team had to coach him so that he wouldn’t get trounced in the debates.

I stopped short of saying to these two individuals, “Where were you the day of the vote?” Huh? You want me to run again. RUN AGAIN and you didn’t even come out for the vote.

I’m done. Thanks for indulging me.





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