There are a pair of doves that have made my eaves, right next to my balcony, home for the last three years. On a couple of occasions I had the opportunity to watch the one bird fetch appropriate twigs and fibres and bring them to their mate who weaved it into the nest.

This is the terrible photo of the streamlined one at the end of the fence.

I cannot tell the difference between male and female doves. One is quite bulbous and a darker brown and the other is paler and more streamlined, but still larger than average according to my daughter.

The other day, the streamlined one sat and watched me have a smoke on the balcony. This bird seemed to recognize that I was not a threat and allowed me to sit there. The same one has sat on the railing of the deck out back and I managed a terrible photo back on the end of the fence.

There has been opportunity for better shots, but I’ve never had my phone with me. The pair seem quite affectionate and they choose, often to sit next to one another. The dark brown one came and sat while their mate was keeping an eye on me on the balcony. I’ve also seen them in other locations.


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