Nice day. I received all kinds of hellos from people. It is a beautiful, warm sunny day. I have the house to myself, wine and nosh and left over Birthday Cake. It was a year of self-examination, to the core of who I am and whom I want to be. It began with political failure still evident from debris lingering in the garage.IMG_6948

Limping through birthday season, and recognizing I needed a reboot. I had lost all joy in living. Here I was, in the spring of the year, with time off work and I didn’t appreciate any of it. Not even to the point of bothering to engage. I had completely involuted.

On my daughter’s advice, I headed off to do the second half of the Camino. I had done the first half for my 50th. I knew exactly where to get off. I had the pack and the boots already.

The only delay was Lilly. You know how that story turns out. I traded a month with Lilly for two weeks with Sophie, yeah, that Sophie, the basset hound. In a matter of a couple of weeks, I had her safely at Sophie’s place, the pool was covered, the lawn was set to water itself and I was off.

I’m leaving out all of the changes that existed when I got back to work. Let’s just say I came home and went back to work. Re-emerging in my old life, defeated. People didn’t know how to treat me or what to say.

Coming to terms with a dream lost. I cannot imagine a scenario where I would ever run again. But what I say to people who ask is, “I’m really bad at predicting the future.” Which is ultimately the most honest answer.

A good year all around. A solid 8. Pun intended.


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