I found another rule from the, “I’m gonna think myself thin” era. I was eating a cookie, or rather cookie dough. I did take the precaution of using the best recipe, not just, a, recipe in case they made it into the oven. I realized there was a very small part of me that thought this was unacceptable.

Whaaat? What’s that now? It caught me off guard. I had embodied this ideal so deeply into who I was that I almost never indulged in a treat of some sort. Think empty calories, which for some reason still has pull over me.

Empty. I take whatever it is you take, I guess offence, with the use of that word. Some of my favourite foods fit the definition of empty, from the scientific community. The group that brought us agent orange and GMOs, those people, tell me that if a food doesn’t contain an item that they have identified as a benefit, biologically, then the food is empty.

I would argue that treats like ice cream, especially when truly enjoyed for the luxury it is, is not empty at all. It comes very close to an affirmation of life. A life that is so glorious. It is quite valuable to recognize that while you still have the opportunity to enjoy the things like this in life.

Anyhow, I decided to add a treat or dessert into my grocery shopping. First on the list, of course, is strawberries with whip cream. There is a super tart recipe that I took the time to photograph. All I remember is that you melt the chocolat and press the halved strawberries into it. Sounds like it might need whip cream.
Also, I have decided to stay with the stomach growl. I know I blamed it for the digestive problems I’ve been having, but I’m willing to give it a little longer to see if I can’t identify some less sever precursors to my stomach making noise.

In addition to that, I will work on trying to determine when to stop eating. That should be enough for now. Just those three things.


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