The Change

Like Troy’s mom, Lwaxana, on Star Trek, the creator’s wife I believe. She was going through the change and desperately needed to take a partner and any one would do. Perhaps, not quite that overt, but, well, let me explain.

In the episode her sights get set on each man in her path as they arrive. When Jean Luc is no longer available, she considered her daughters old boyfriend. That is how bad it got.

With absolutely, perfect timing my body decided to give it one last shop.

“A going out of business sale, everything must go.” my daughter said. Problem was I couldn’t disagree with her. I spent over a month showing all of the exaggerated signes of being fertile.” Right down to the ovarian cramps I get the day I ovulated. Or, I guess that should be past tense.

So, my friend, tells me about having a late pregnancy and how women shouldn’t worry about it, but that has not been my experience. I’ve known to many women that have waited too long.

So, I brought it back to me, I have been having huge hormonal swings. You can imagine the impact of the hormones that cause you to ovulate, those ones, have another need. Cast the net wider.


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