Dress shopping for “mother of the bride” dresses. Interesting. I tried on everything that they have in my size in two different shops. I texted photos to my daughters and got feedback in real time.image

Memories of wearing a dress I loved as a very young girl. I don’t actually remember the dress, but I have a photo of me as a three year old in a white dress. I loved that photo. I went several years without seeing it and came into possession only after my mother died.

I remember being told that I could not wear the dress. It had to be kept nice. It was too valuable to wear. I understand, in the context of a very large family, why that would’ve been the case. Even though it is unlikely that I could wear it out before I outgrew it, there was a larger picture.

My mom was one of 12 and each sister would have worn the same dress when it fit. So, I guess I understand. I do wonder though, if it would’ve had an impact on how I saw myself if I had been allowed to wear it? I know I wanted to wear it.

It was thrilling today trying on dresses that actually looked nice. Strange feeling. The last time I did that was my wedding dress. I’ve needed nice dresses, but no nicer than you would buy off the rack at a regular store.

These were the “fancy” dresses made out of specific fabrics so that the hang and weight is just right. These were one of a kind styles often only available through a select number of stores. I am a little worried. Apparently, since these dresses are produced in much smaller quantities, it is unlikely that I can order one at this point. The wedding is three months away. Both shops said that.


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