On the way home, at the last major intersection before my house, I simply made a right hand turn instead of going straight home. A need. I felt it, like a familiar tug. Go Right.So I did and that set me in the direction of the pound. I actually had a little difficulty finding it.

Over the next few days I fell in love once and put in an application for adoption. Little did I know, at the time, I was under the influence of my “going out of business sale” and all of its proceeds. I considered getting another dog. euuuughhj I shake.

So as I am telling her this, she asks if the dog I am walking was recently adopted and thankfully, I could say no.

Sophie, the basset hound, who was my ultimate saviour, in this instance, came to stay for two weeks. She was needy, loud and filthy. She reminded me precicely why I didn’t want to have to take care of another dog, however well suited.

So we laughed and the discussion went to other topics. I’m just glad I didn’t give out the punch line first.


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