Reheated Nachos

Three minutes until a timer goes off and my nachos are done. Or rather a restaurant’s. I had dinner with my daughters last night and no one else wanted the nachos. So, I brought them home. They still have to be great, before I’ll eat them. But, I’m willing to separate and grate the cheese so that I can bake the nachos separately and then melt the cheese over them. Still delicious. I may need more salsa as well.IMG_6820

Tired. Not unexpected on a Friday, but I did nap this afternoon. I think there is huge shift going on in my life and it is setting things slightly off balance. Some of my good luck is still happening. For instance, during dinner last night, we all knew that my daughters might have had to leave, immediately, because a mother might be needed.

Worth the risk of the interruption, to sit down face to face with my girls. The text came shortly after the bill was paid. Perfect.

The single poem I’ve written was “wrote invisibility”, between two lines I had drawn to designate “journal” vs “blog”. I switch between what I want to write and what  want to publish and it was in a space designated as a journal entry. I realized it stood on its own and I believe I was inspired by a couple of the poets that have liked my blogs. I’ve spent some time reading the work of people that have noticed mine and was literally, inspired.


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