The first time that I ever remember writing, was about bees. I had just learned in school how interesting they were and I was inspired to write a book. I remember holding it. Assembled at home, likely by myself–not sure actually. I left that house when I was eight, so it happened some time before that. That’s the best I can do. That and the fact that I was able to write it on my own. One page per topic. A few pages.IMG_6876

Now today, despite my promise not to keep writing about bugs. I guess I really do not get to decide what I write about. The topic is presented, fully formed, like the bees nest on my balcony.

I had noticed that there were bees often flying up there and mentioned it to my daughter. Now, these bees are intelligent little creatures. That is why everyone is so worried when they start having trouble. As Neil Young mentioned on the Late Show, GMOs are bad for the bees. And while he is not saying GMO are toxic to the bees, or that the bees would have to eat it, there is a connection.

Some Genetically Modified Organisms were specifically designed to be resistant to a particular herbicide. A broad spectrum herbicide, which means it kills a large variety of different types of plants. So we plant the GMO, knowing it will be fine and eliminate every other common species from the land with the herbicide.

It makes the plants grow well, we’ve eliminated all of the competition, but the bees starve. Like having to eat only lettuce forever. The variety of nutrients has been eliminated from their diets without them even having to be exposed to the GMO, or the herbicide.

So I was saying, bees. I had noticed them on the balcony. They don’t really bother me, so I made no effort to ward them off. I felt very proud that I exuded no fear. Apparently, I made them comfortable enough to move in. But, lets not forget their brilliance. There was only one place on that balcony that they would have enough time to build a hive. I’ve scouted for them, just in case.

The hive is directly above my head. Brilliant. The only place they could build without being easily seen is directly above where I sit. There is no way it was accidental. Now, what to do?

So, I guess I’m obligated to look up bees now. 🙂


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