Dinner is not in the oven. I decided to go with a Bolognese sauce, I believe the original recipe came from an Oprah magazine, but I could be mistaken. I do remember the article describing the impact this sauce has on a home.

The most important part is that it must be simmered for hours. This fills the house with not only a pleasant humidity, think winter here, not turning up the air conditioner. The smell of good food, awaiting your arrival. Yes, it is that lovely. But none of that tonight. I freeze my recipe in sandwich bags, which turn out to the be the right size for one large serving.

Reheating the already simmered sauce does not fill the house the same way but it is still delicious. Add some rigatoni and asiago cheese and you have a hearty, belly filling indulgence that is worth dedicating several hours to making, then 15 minutes from “yes, let’s start dinner”, to “ooh, I should wait until that cools before eating it”.

As it warms up more and more neighbours appear out front. The new neighbours across the street are out way more often than the family that lived there before.

Another piece of gum. This is why I don’t leave the container out in plain site. I would get up and fall over a mountain of wrappers and more chewed gum than you would want a visual image of. But two is not bad.

See, that is what I was trying to explain earlier. I am here, gum loaded and nothing is coming. There is no control. I’m good with that. Instead of waiting, I recognize that I will get the inspiration to write about something and I’ll be back.


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