Dieter’s Disease

Embarrassed to say that waiting for my stomach to growl was quite likely under eating for me. Off and on for several days I’ve had digestive upset (way worse than that) consistent with gallbladder problems. 

One of the “causes” is dieting. Also, the type of woman that gets it, and it is twice as likely for women, are: Fair, Fat, Fertile, Forty and Female. Yes, most women are female. I’m fifty, but the rest applies. I’ve spent a lot of time on-line reading about symptoms, causes and treatments.

It is alarming to realize that in the scientific literature (try google scholar) the wording is softer: ‘we think’, ‘it is consistent’, ‘it is possible’ and ‘we are trying to demonstrate’.

In stark contrast, all of the natural and homeopathy sites are certain of everything. Treatments ‘will’ work, options are ‘certainly’ better and suggestions are ‘proven’.

If I am not better soon, I’ll have to call a doctor. Thank goodness, I’m Canadian. The only reason not to call is my own reluctance.


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